Murder Case

Sudden Fight Leads To Murder Case. Bail by Delhi High Court, Ravi Drall Advocate

Sudden Fight Leads To Murder Case. Bail by Delhi High Court, Ravi Drall Advocate

Hon’ble Delhi High Court granted regular bail in a Murder Case in case Vaibhav Dhawan vs State, BAIL APPLN. 957/2015.

Advocate π‘π€π•πˆ 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐋𝐋 appeared on behalf of accused where the grounds of bail were as: there was no intention to kill on the part of the accused, at best offence punishable under Section 304 Part II, IPC is attracted. It is an undisputed position that none of the accused had the intention to cause death of the deceased. Admittedly, none of the accused persons were carrying any weapon, stick or any other thing which could show their intent to commit any offence, much short of the offences alleged. It is was the deceased himself who was the aggressor and picked up the alleged fight while he was in an inebriated condition. Mr. Ravi Drall appeared along with Mr. Sunil K. Mittal, Adv. further argued the deceased himself was under the influence of alcohol’ and the alleged head injury, if any, could have been caused by his falling down accidentally. The same could not be attributed to the petitioners in any manner. The FIR in question would show that the complainant has stated that all the accused allegedly gave blows to the deceased without explaining any particular role of any of the accused person.

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