Section 420 in the Indian Penal Code deals with Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

Many people who are honest businessmen but are unaware of Legal loopholes are tangled into the web of cheaters which results in financial loss and more painful Legal proceedings.

Cheating has been a very technical term and the Law in regard to same has been involved and subject to statutory interpretation since the declaration of Penal Provisions Statutes.

We have gone through various clients who lost lots of money and were falsely implicated in cheating cases in those transactions that were Civil in nature but given Criminal color. The common parlance is that “A mere representation, which is neither claimed nor alleged to be dishonest or fraudulent would not attract the charge of cheating only because the complainant parts with his money on the basis thereof.”

We have got quashed false FIR’s which were lodged in matters which were Civil in nature. Further in various other cases got acquittal of our clients in forgery matters also.


Internet crimes, such as online frauds, Forgery, etc. are on the rise, and in some cases, those charged have been given highly punitive sentences to set an example.

Even if it may appear that an offense is minor, it is vital that you get legal advice as soon as the police question you about any incident.

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