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Best Lawyer In Delhi Rohini Court – Ravi Drall & Associates

Best Lawyer In Delhi

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Advocate Ravi Drall has represented clients in cases related to Anticipatory, regular Bails, Acquittal, Revisions, Appeals, Writs, PIL’s in cases of MCOCA, Cheating, Fraud, Murder, Attempt to murder, Extortion, Dacoity, Sexual Offences, Suicide, Narcotic and Drugs, Revenue and Customs Criminal Cases, Economic Offences, Arms and Weapons, Matrimonial, Domestic Violence, Constitutional Law, Negligence, and have availed favourable decisions from the courts. It is always advisable to seek for the best professional advise in case of criminal law as it involves intricate complexities and a small fact lead to an acquittal.


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Divorce Case Matrimonial Issue Dowry Demand Sexual Harassment

Domestic Violence Abuse Alimony Maintenance Case Child Custody Issue Extramarital Affair Property Documentation Illegal Possession

Illegal Construction Succession Of Property Property Dispute

Partition Wrongful Arrest Bail  Anticipatory Bail FIR Filing Quashing

Cyber Crime Threat Injury Financial Fraud Defamation Case

Murder Attempt To Murder NCDRC-National Consumer Redressal Forum NDPS Advocate Narcotics-Drugs Corruption

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