Delhi court grants bail to Rinku Sharma murder accused : Ravi Drall Advocate Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Bail in murder Case: Ravi Drall Advocate, Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

A Delhi court granted bail to Tajuddin, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Rinku Sharma in Delhi’s Mangolpuri area in 2021.

Sharma, 25, a hospital technician, was allegedly stabbed to death by a group of men on February 10, 2021.

Observing that the accused had been in custody for about two years and the witnesses have not been examined yet also the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report is also awaited, additional sessions judge Neeraj Gaur on February 13 granted bail to Tajuddin on the condition that the accused shall not tamper with the evidence or influence any witness.

“The applicant is in custody for about two years. As already discussed, the trial will take its own time. The public witnesses have not been examined but the reason, therefore, has been beyond the control of the court. The non-examination of public witnesses cannot be made an absolute ground to deny all bail applications,” Delhi’s Rohini court noted.

Advocate Ravi Drall, appearing for the accused, had submitted before the court that Tajuddin has been in custody since February 12, 2021, and his last bail was dismissed in September 2022.

Drall pointed out that although Tajuddin’s name was included in the supplementary statement, it was not mentioned in the initial complaint and demanded bail, which was opposed by the public prosecutor opposed on the ground that the offence is of a serious nature.

The court, however, after hearing the submissions observed that “the court is to strike a balance between the liberty guaranteed to the accused persons and the rights of the victims.”

The court thus granted bail to Tajuddin furnishing the bail bond of Rs. 35,000 and one surety of like amount. Court also directed that the accused shall intimate the court in case of a change of his residential address.

The Delhi court’s decision to grant bail to Tajuddin, the accused in the Rinku Sharma murder case, highlights the crucial role played by a competent criminal lawyer. Ravi Drall Advocate, renowned for his expertise in such matters, effectively presented his arguments to secure the bail. This case demonstrates the importance of having the best criminal lawyer on your side, capable of navigating the complexities of the legal system. Bail in a murder case is a sensitive matter, but Ravi Drall Advocate’s persuasive skills and in-depth knowledge of the law successfully led to Tajuddin’s release. This development further underscores the significance of skilled legal representation in ensuring justice is served.

Delhi court has granted bail to the accused in the Rinku Sharma murder case. The decision comes after a contradiction emerged in the police case, as no weapon was found to have been used by the accused. Additionally, the accused cannot be kept behind bars solely based on phone call records. The name of the accused also appeared in a supplementary statement.

Certainly. The decision to grant bail to Tajuddin in the Rinku Sharma murder case was influenced by several significant factors that were considered during the bail hearing.

Firstly, there was a contradiction within the police case. Despite Tajuddin being implicated in the supplementary statement, there seemed to be discrepancies between the initial complaint and subsequent statements. This raised questions about the consistency and reliability of the evidence against Tajuddin.

Secondly, there was a lack of evidence indicating that Tajuddin had used a weapon during the alleged murder. Without concrete evidence of a weapon being used by the accused, the severity of Tajuddin’s involvement in the crime could not be conclusively determined.

Thirdly, the prosecution’s reliance on phone call records as a basis for continued detention was deemed insufficient by the court. Merely relying on phone call records without additional corroborating evidence may not have been considered strong grounds for denying bail.

Lastly, Tajuddin’s prolonged detention without a trial and the delay in examining key witnesses were also taken into account. The fact that Tajuddin had been in custody for nearly two years without a trial indicated that the legal process had been delayed, and this contributed to the court’s decision to grant bail.

Overall, these factors collectively influenced the court’s decision to grant bail to Tajuddin, as they raised doubts about the strength of the case against him and highlighted the need to balance the rights of the accused with the interests of justice.

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