Bail in Decoity case in Day Light Loot near Cannaught Place Delhi: Ravi Drall Advocate

Delhi Patiala House Sessions Judge granted bail in a case of day light looting Rs. 14.50 lacs at point of pistol near Cannaught Place, Delhi.

Advocate Ravi Drall appeared for accused and argued that his client has been arrested in the present case upon apprehension that he was friend of co-accused persons and he might be involved in the crime but contrary to said allegations the accused was in his Village Khera which is about 30 km away from place of incident. Advocate Ravi Drall also put on record the CCTV footagr of the presence of the accused in his village and further argued that preservation of CDR will clerify his presence at his village. Further even if the case of prosecution is considered than also the provisions of Sec. 397 IPC which attract the punishment upto Life imprisonment are not against the accused. It was further argued that no TIP was weapon was conducted whether the weapon is same which was used during the crime.

Learned APP for state opposed the bail application arging that the offence was grevious in nature and the accused is involved in another case of murder also.

Considering all the arguments and paculiar facts of the case regular bail was granted to accused.