Accused acquitted in false murder case by Ravi Drall. Court relied upon the lie detector test and brain mapping

Three accused persons were recently acquitted in false murder case by Sessions Judge Rohini court due to lack of evidence in murder case. In April 2010 one complaint was received regarding the kidnapping of a person and after four months of said complaint another complaint was given suspecting our clients behind the crime of kidnapping. During the investigation co-accused disclosed the foul crime of murder of kidnapped person and further disclosed name of his other associates namely Constable Joginder, Abdul Sattar, Sonu and Hunny Singh. There were few call details of accused persons. As per case of prosecution car of constable Joginder Singh was used in the said crime and the dead body was thrown in ganda nala near janakpuri. One of the accused namely Joginder Singh was serving in Delhi Police who was not charge sheeted by police. Defense counsel Ravi Drall for accused argued in the court that the call details could not be connected to the crime further accused persons were to go through psychological assesment test, brain analysis test and lie detecting but no evidence emerged against accused persons.